Covering the Midterm Elections with MSU’s School of Journalism

This year’s midterm elections are arguably some of the most anticipated in our country’s history.

Across the United States, more women and women of color are running for office than ever before. Due to Governor Rick Snyder serving two terms, this is the first time in eight years Michigan has had a competitive gubernatorial race. There are also some very interesting statewide issues on the ballot, from recreational marijuana to gerrymandering and absentee voting regulations. 

The opportunity to explore and report on these exciting angles of an election is what MI First Election is all about.

MI First Election is an initiative out of the Michigan State University School of Journalism that began in 2012.  The goal? To give students experience covering election issues. 

Since 2016, the project has utilized the wealth of resources in the Spartan Newsroom, providing election coverage in a variety of formats–– including photos, graphics, social, live interviews and video news reports. This year, WKAR will also have student interns reporting both from the studio and on location the day of the election.

“This is an incredible opportunity for students to cover an election. It’s a great chance to help them prepare for their future,” said Professor Lori Anne Dickerson. “It’s also a good way for students to learn how to report on a deadline.”

Hundreds of man-hours go into pulling off this election night event. Every journalism class is contributing to the project, and students are truly getting involved with this year’s midterms.

For students looking to get involved in the midterm elections, the best way to do so is to vote, whether absentee or in person, on November 6. CATA will be offering free rides to the polls, so everyone has a chance to vote.

Additionally, “anyone is welcome to stop by the newsroom to check out what’s going on,” said Professor Joe Grimm. 

The upcoming midterm elections, in combination with MI First Election and the Spartan Newsroom, serve as an excellent introduction to political reporting for MSU’s Journalism students.

By Marlee Talbot