Communication Student Interns with NASA

Communication junior Ashley Weiss spent the summer of 2017 at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Weiss was the only intern in the HR department where she utilized skills she gained from previous HR positions as well as her ComArtSci education. With her previous corporate experience, Weiss wanted to compare HR within a government agency.  
“I assembled new training programs and other projects for HR, but learned something new outside of my department every day,” Weiss said. “This internship further sparked my interest in space as I was able to work alongside the technical field of communication.”

Compiling a Training Program


Weiss was given the task of creating a 2018 training and development program from start to finish for the duration of the summer. She began interviewing technical and institutional committees within the research center to distinguish their needs and goals.

Although not a STEM field, communication plays a major role within any organization or company. Weiss filled this role and wanted to communicate the needs of committees to the HR department by creating the layout and design of the new training program after her research was completed.
“I wanted to enable the training coordinators to train in a strategic and effective manner with my updated program,” Weiss said. “I had to compile HR plans and align them into an updated one, which took a lot or communication and leadership within and outside my department.”
At the end of her internship, Weiss was interviewed on camera to explain her role within her internship. Her new program and other projects were then broadcasted to the employees of the research center.

Going Above and Beyond

Internships are considered to be a three-month-long experience. It is important to follow instructions and tasks, but it is also vital to show a hard work ethic and bring innovative ideas. Weiss completed her assignments while also volunteering to design handouts for panels and events.

“I think it is important to go above and beyond in an internship,” Weiss said. “I really wanted to get everything I could out of the opportunity and asked as many questions as possible.”

Weiss paid close attention to detail while planning a corporate event that took place after her internship was over. The yearly Glenn Research Center award ceremony recognizes employees and innovation in the industry. Weiss was assigned to make sure everyone was accounted for and the event ran smoothly.
Weiss plans to study abroad this summer and continue her professional career with another HR internship.

By: Brooke Segal