ComArtSci Staff Honored with Breslin and Jameyson Awards

From an article on MSU HR SourceLive

Michigan State University recently announced and celebrated its Staff Award winners from 2021. Of these award winners, two of ComArtSci’s very own were recognized by the university for their achievements. 

Kim Williams is an Office Assistant III in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Specifically, she is an account specialist on the Accounting and Research Team in the Dean’s Office. In her position, she handles travel, purchase orders, and operating statements for the Media and Information department and the School of Journalism.  

Williams was awarded a 2021 Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award. The Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Awards honor six University support staff members annually. These individuals are nominated by their colleagues as demonstrating the qualities of Jack Breslin, who served MSU as a student leader, honored athlete, top administrator, and steadfast advocate, personifying the "Spartan Spirit.” Williams’ colleagues had this to say about her: 

“Whatever my question is, Kim will get the answer. Not only is she incredible at her job, she is also a pleasure to be around. Her sense of humor and go-to attitude is truly [admirable]. No matter how stressful the assignment is, it is still a pleasure to work alongside Kim.” 

"Her diligence when she encounters a problem to be solved is inspiring, and she is always willing to walk the extra mile to get things done in a timely manner. Kim also possesses great attention to detail, never letting anything go unnoticed." 

The second staff member from ComArtSci that was honored with an award was Kelly Feinberg, who was presented with the Ruth Jameyson “Above and Beyond” Award. Feinberg is a Research Administrator II/S in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Feinberg is currently pursuing a graduate degree in strategic communication from MSU

This annual award recognizes a support staff member who most closely exemplifies the contributions, personal characteristics, and commitment to MSU demonstrated by Ms. Ruth Jameyson, going “above and beyond” what is reasonably expected in supporting the mission of MSU. In recognition of Ms. Jameyson’s pursuit of a graduate degree, while working at MSU, the award recipient must be pursuing a graduate degree at MSU or elsewhere concurrent with their employment at MSU. Feinberg’s colleagues have this to say about her: 

"Ms. Feinberg is a natural-born leader – showing true leadership where she is forward-thinking but also completely aware of her colleagues. She leads by example and facilitates open discussion with her team, holding each other accountable every step of the way. Yet she does so with true concern for their quality of life and job fulfillment.” 

“Ms. Feinberg is dedicated to supporting and advancing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) efforts in the College and among her peers. She participates in various initiatives focused on strengthening individual and collective commitments to anti-racism, social justice, and action within ComArtSci and elsewhere. She actively looks for ways to support and engage her peers and prioritizes their ideas, interests, and concerns as if they were her own.” 

“I am proud to have the privilege of working alongside Ms. Feinberg. Observing how her contributions positively impact those around her, I often find myself in awe of her continued drive, motivation, and applied diplomacy. You have a worthy candidate in Ms. Feinberg whom, I expect, Ms. Jameyson would have likewise valued.”