ComArtSci is More than a Communications Degree

Fall is a busy season, but not only because classes are beginning again. College freshman are packing up their lives and moving away from home. Sophomores and juniors are coming back to campus in search of clubs to join or even a change of major. Seniors are even beginning their post-graduation job searches.

Luckily, students need look no further than the College of Communication Arts and Sciences for help. 

ComArtSci is a top ranked college nationally and internationally. The college offers five different Bachelor’s degree programs that can be combined with the college’s 14 minors and three concentrations. 

As Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education Ann Hoffman explained, the resources available to students expand far beyond programs of study.

“The college recognizes that students aren’t one size fits all in terms of the kinds of experiences they need to round out their degree, so we offer a plethora of ways for them to engage,” said Hoffman.

One way to engage with the college is Media Sandbox. Media Sandbox is an active learning community of students from different majors and disciplines that come together to test their classroom skills and creative abilities in real-world situations. Media Sandbox gives students the opportunity to hone their skills outside of the classroom in many ways, such as by using effective communication tools to work with nonprofits.

ComArtSci also has a myriad of student organizations where students can interact with like-minded individuals and develop deeper knowledge of the field they’re pursuing. Some of these clubs provide networking opportunities, such as visits to advertising associations, while others provide more hands-on experiences in students’ degree areas, like those offered by the WKAR Radio and TV Studios.

Another opportunity for ComArtSci students is the chance to study abroad. ComArtSci sponsors a number of study abroad programs ranging in length across multiple countries. Students can spend a semester in Northern Italy, or take on a shorter program exploring cities like Paris, Amsterdam and London over three weeks in the summer.

For students preparing for life after graduation, the Career Center can help with everything from resume and cover letter writing to mock interviews and job search strategies. Visiting the Career Center helps students begin building a network and seeking real-world experience through internship opportunities that are available thanks to alumni connections and Career Center resources.

Don’t let the name fool you, ComArtSci provides more than communication degrees. It is a college of journalists, game designers, copywriters, art directors, filmmakers, public relations specialists, entrepreneurs and more.

“Our [students] leave with the communication, teamwork, creativity, critical thinking and project management skills that let them hit the ground running.  In today’s global marketplace this is an enormous advantage.” 

Graduates of ComArtSci are not simply equipped with a bachelor’s degree. They graduate with a well-rounded set of skills to help them succeed within their industry. A set of skills they gain through participation in student organizations, internship experiences, a vast network of connections from the Career Center, and even contextual knowledge of the way their industry functions in other cultures from studying abroad. 

So, if you are a graduating high school senior planning to apply to Michigan State, consider all of the opportunities that come with a major in the College of Communications Arts and Sciences! If you are already an MSU ComArtSci student, remember to utilize the fantastic resources available to you.

By Marlee Talbot