ComArtSci Launches Virtual Student-Alumni Mentoring Hub

Support for ComArtSci graduating seniors during these uncertain times is needed now more than ever, and ComArtSci Connect is one way for alumni to virtually connect.

When you join ComArtSci Connect you can grow your impact on Spartan success by guiding the next generation of Spartans as they navigate today’s professional world.

ComArtSci is calling on college alumni to create profiles within the Connect platform to populate as many connections as possible for students. Graduating seniors will join the platform within the next month and begin to reach out to alumni. 

After you create a profile with ComArtSci Connect, you can also join the greater MSU Connect community and connect with fellow alumni to support your own career advancement and development.

Have you already joined MSU Connect? If you have already created a MSU Connect profile, you’ll need to take an extra step to join the ComArtSci Connect hub. When logged in, click on MSU CONNECT in the upper left corner from the home page for a drop down. Click Browse Hubs, and select Join Now, for the ComArtSci Connect hub. You will also need to update your profile settings to add minors/school organization involvement and select from a list of new help topics and/or industries.

Join the community today and experience the impact it will make on you and others! Create your ComArtSci Connect profile now at

If you have questions, please email:

Join ComArtSci Connect