Caleb Conley Interns at Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality

Communication Senior Caleb Conley lent his talents to the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE), a nonprofit organization in Manhattan, New York, as a Strategy Intern. RISE works with Major League Baseball and individual players to educate the sports community on racial discrimination within the sports industry.

At RISE, Conley worked and collaborated closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors to find innovative ways to improve the organization. Conley also had the opportunity to help the logistics team plan and execute a webinar series on how to start a nonprofit organization. This experience, Conley explains, allowed him to get creative and develop his marketing logistic skills. His key to success?

“You should do your best on both small and big tasks,” said Conley.

Through his internship search, Conley learned the importance of networking and recommends all students start making those connections early on in their college career. Conley knew he wanted to work in New York for the summer, so he tapped into his network. He applied to several jobs in NY and only found success in companies he had networked with in the past.

While RISE gave Conley a small stipend, he admits he would not have been able to afford housing in New York without the help of a generousComArtSci Career Center scholarship. The funds helped offset the upfront cost of housing and allowed him to explore the bustling streets of Manhattan.

By Juan Mascorro-Guerrero