Brittany Waugh interns in New York City at BONNE NY

Brittany Waugh, a journalism student with a concentration in media relations and a minor in broadcasting, interned as a journalist at BONNE NY this past summer. BONNE is a New York City based fashion editorial that produces mainly digital and web-based content.

During her internship, Waugh was responsible for meeting with public relations firms that represent large brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and with modeling agencies such as IMG to take models’ headshots and place them in editorials. She wrote content, photographed Victoria’s Secret models and was able to attend launch parties and other high profile events for makeup and fashion brands in New York.

Waugh also put her leadership skills into action when she was asked to lead and train a team of interns who began work after her. Waugh was in charge of teaching them how to use AP Style, how to select appropriate content and how to shoot effective photographs, all skills necessary to make the editorial work.

Of all of Waugh’s summer experiences, New York Fashion Week in July stood out as her favorite. She went from not knowing that New York had its own fashion week, to being thrown into the heart of it to write about and shoot the events.

“You become journalists, stylists, and PR people all at once,” Waugh said, regarding her experience at Fashion Week.

It wasn’t all glamorous, however. Waugh was challenged during this high-stress week and learned quickly that you always need to have your camera charger on you to avoid disaster. She faced intense presenters, designers and Fashion Week staff, and had to quickly shake off the direct statements that these individuals can throw around in the heat of the moment. It was in those formative times that Waugh realized she has the stamina needed to pursue journalism and that she is on the right track in her career.

Waugh has always aspired to work in New York City, so this summer at BONNE was the experience of a lifetime for her. During her time there, she was presented countless opportunities that do not come around to college students often.

“I grew a lot as a person, as a journalist, and more so as a creative,” Waugh said. Upon her return to Michigan, Waugh feels she has “more drive, more passion, and more connections,” that helped her to develop her craft in journalism.

On top of her internship at BONNE, Waugh founded her own media company, LUX Media, in January of 2018. LUX Media aims to provide opportunities to African American, Latinx, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities to have their voices heard on media platforms. Michigan State is home to the first chapter of LUX Media, but Waugh plans to expand the group to more universities this year. Waugh learned invaluable information throughout her experiences at BONNE and LUX Media, and urges everyone to be persistent.

“Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams or take a risk,” Waugh said. “Taking this leap of faith was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”