Allison Clemons Interns at C&R Marketing

Allison Clemons, creative advertising senior, has gained hands-on, real world experience through her graphic design internship at C&R Marketing. When Clemons first started at C&R, she came prepared to use the graphic design skills she had developed in the classroom. However, she quickly discovered that her new role would incorporate many elements beyond graphic design.

From the very beginning of the internship, Clemons was challenged to learn new skills and problem solve on her own. She quickly found herself building websites, editing pages, managing projects and working with clients on top of her graphic design work. While this internship has challenged Clemons, she feels the experience set her up to take on the leadership position she now holds at C&R where she manages other interns.

“I’ve learned how valuable it is to have a wide skill set. I don’t think anyone should be afraid to be creative and try something new at their internship. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to branch out and learn all sorts of things; you’re 50 times more hireable if you can do more than one thing,” said Clemens.

Clemons juggles a busy schedule between finishing her senior year and working as a graphic design apprentice. However, she’s a big supporter of having a healthy work and life balance. Clemons mentioned a few rules she follows in order to keep herself in check:

“I never answer phone calls or emails after 5 p.m. Once the work day is over, that’s my time to do homework and take time for myself. I also make sure I do at least one fun thing every day. Whether it’s something that only takes 5 minutes or going out with my friends it’s good to let yourself relax and have fun. It also allows me to be more creative.”

Clemons would recommend interning at C&R Marketing to anyone who is looking for a great place to gain experience. She plans to work at C&R through the summer before eventually moving back to her hometown. Clemons has big plans for herself in the future, hoping to someday utilize her diverse skills and leadership abilities as a Creative Director or Creative Project Manager for a small agency.

By: Eve DeMeester