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Street Teams

Street Teams are student-run, creative collaborations within ComArtSci. Interdisciplinary groups of students partner with nonprofit organizations and assist them with media projects. They have real-world learning opportunities while giving back to the community.

Team Cerise

Madison O’Connor | Journalism and Experience Architecture, Rachel Goodman | Media and Information, Tessa Wilson | Media and Information, Faiza Omar | Communication, Genevieve StJean | Public Relations and Spanish and Khalilah Lane | Advertising Creative

Nonprofit partner

Helping Women Period

Mission statement

Mission statement

Helping Women Period’s mission is to provide menstrual products to people who are homeless or have a low-income.

The work

The team was asked to help increase communications to help spread awareness and education of menstrual health.


Create videos and a social media strategy with templates, a calendar and a series of campaigns (including education, volunteerism and partnerships).

Example social media captions

  • A year’s supply of sanitary products in the United States costs more than $70.
    • Caption: In the U.K., there is a five percent tax on period products – in total, sanitary products cost over 5,000 pounds in a lifetime. (Add anything else)
  • Lack of affordability and information has led many young women to use only one tampon per day or one pad for multiple days.
    • Caption: When proper products are not available or affordable, women are often forced to use alternatives such as socks, dishrags and newspapers during their cycles.
  • Lack of menstrual hygiene can lead to very serious health risks such as Toxic Shock Syndrome.
    • Caption: Toxic Shock Syndrome is a life-threatening illness. In Bangladesh, India and many other countries, infections and cervical cancer are also results of poor hygiene. 

View the full strategy (PDF).

"Did you know?" campaign

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Donor campaign

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Product campaign

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End period poverty campaign

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Social media posts and templates about #Tuesday Tampon Talks, #EducationPeriod, quotes and more

People pickup and hand out products during a Helping Women Period distribution day.