Rui (Cara) Zhu

Rui (Cara) Zhu

Ph.D. Student

  • Communication


Cara Zhu is a first year doctoral student at the Department of Communication. She earned her M.Sc. in AI and Digital Media from Hong Kong Baptist University and her B.L. in Ethnology from Southwest University in China.

Research and Teaching

Cara's research centers on the impact of communication technology on human communication. Her current focus lies in understanding the influences of generative AI on interpersonal communication, examining its effects on self-presentation, social interactions, and impression formation. Additionally, she is keen on exploring how the act of composing and sending messages, whether with or without AI assistance, affects the attitudes and subsequent behaviors of the senders.

Her research interests also extend to the domain of human-machine communication. Before joining Michigan State University, Cara participated in several research projects related to social media, journalism, and public health. Her work received an award from ICA in 2023.

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