Prosper Kofi Senyo

Prosper Senyo

Ph.D. Student

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Prosper Kofi Senyo is a Ph.D. student in Information and Media in the School of Journalism. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, Prosper obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, with first class honors from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. While pursuing his bachelor's degree, he won the Lebanese Academic Merit Scholarship as part of the five most outstanding journalism students among his cohort, of over 350 students. In 2019, he obtained a Master of Arts degree in Development Communication, also from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, where he emerged as the valedictorian. 

Till his enrollment in the doctoral program, Prosper worked in Ghana as the Corporate Communication Executive of Universal Motors Limited, sole authorized dealers of Volkswagen cars in Ghana. He held the same position for Nissan Auto Parts Limited, authorized co-distributors of Nissan cars in Ghana which is jointly managed with Universal Motors Limited. He also served concurrently, as the Non-resident editor and Public Relations lead of Institute of International Affairs, Ghana,, a think-tank with deep commitment to African politics in a global sphere. From his vantage point of media relations, Prosper observed the interplay of market forces and the norms of news production in Ghana. 

Research and Teaching

Prosper's research interests sit at the intersection of media and democracy. Specifically, he is concerned with the role of the public sphere, as a normative force for good governance in African democracies. He is interested in conceptualizing both the structural boundaries of the public spheres in African democracies and the specific communicative practices that take place within them, particularly, journalistic norms and news values. 

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