Nolan Jahn

Nolan Jahn

Ph.D. Student

  • Communication


Nolan completed his B.S. in Neuroscience at Michigan State Univerity. He then moved across the campus to the Communication department to earn his M.A. 

Research and Teaching

He is interested in researching communication neuroscience. Specifically focuses on neural activity related to message reception. Areas of interest span multiple contexts: narratives, health communication, and political communication. In addition to neuroimaging methods, he has used motion capture, eye tracking, and psychophysiological measures.

Recent Publications

Schmälzle, R., Wilcox, S., & Jahn, N. T. (2022). Identifying moments of peak audience engagement from brain responses during story listening. Communication Monographs, 1–24.

Levine, K.J., Jahn, N.T., Kotz, E., & Roscenkwsi, A. (2020).  What do our Lakes mean to us?: An understanding of Michigan coastline communities' perceptions of the Great Lakes.  Journal of Great Lakes Research, 46(6), 1716-1725.  

Jahn, N.T., Meshi, D., Bente, G., & Schmälzle, R. (in press). Electrical neuroimaging on a shoestring: Using the Muse to examine brain responses to visual media. Journal of Media Psychology.

Contact Information

404 Wilson Rd, Room 453