Haz Alwattar

Haz Alwattar

Alumni Board Member


Haz Alwattar is an experienced, competitive, and innovative leader in radio and audio, with expertise in branding, programming, research, marketing, and digital media. He is the Founder of Group HazM, a consulting and management company that coaches talent, broadcast clients, digital platforms, and executive produces podcasts.

As the son of immigrants, Haz initially embraced Engineering as the expected career path, however his love for radio led him to an opportunity to sit-in on his friend's show at Campus Radio. It was a transformative experience that ignited his passion for audio and radio. 

Shortly thereafter, he joined Campus Radio and eventually landed an on-air DJ position at a commercial Lansing radio station. Inspired by his newfound path, Haz changed his major to the College of Communications Arts and Sciences (CAS) at MSU.

Haz has held executive positions at renowned companies, including Univision Radio, Meruelo Media, SBS, Entravision, and Critical Mass Media. Haz is based in Los Angeles, where his experience with and surroundings of media and innovation consistently inspire and inform his growth and desire to share and mentor. Haz was recognized as an Outstanding Alumni by CAS in 2017.

Related Work

Founder, Group HazM
B.A. 1986 Telecommunication

Subject Matter Areas of Expertise
  • Audio programming strategy
  • Talent coaching
  • Research analysis
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