Gabriel E. Hales

Gabriel Hales

Ph.D. Student

  • Media & Information


Gabriel (he/him) is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. He works closely with Keith Hampton, Ph.D. as a research assistant for the Quello Center (Aug. 2022 to present), which has included the analysis, modeling, management, and cleaning (SPSS, Mplus) of several comprehensive surveys of rural students. He has likewise co-taught as a graduate teaching assistant and instructor of record for numerous undergraduate courses within the department.

Gabe’s research focuses on the relationships between students’ academic achievement/social networks and their access, use, and skill sets related to digital technologies, and how such relationships may be limited by or framed within the field of digital inequalities. He specializes in advanced statistical analyses––e.g., path analysis, multilevel modeling/HLM, social network analysis––while also having experience in qualitative methods like in-depth interviewing and ethnography, primarily regarding adolescents' digital media use. His co-authored work has been accepted at conferences such as the National and International Communication Associations and the American Sociological Association, has co-authored an in-depth report on student broadband access over the COVID-19 pandemic with the Quello Center, and has multiple manuscripts in progress, under review, and published with peer-reviewed journals.

Prior to his current degree, Gabe completed his Master of Arts (2021) and Bachelor of Arts (2020) in Media and Information at MSU. His thesis focused on the reciprocal norms associated with varying dimensions of culture. If not working on projects related to his research, he enjoys marathon running, listening to podcasts (mostly while running), and spending time in the woods with his dog.

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