David Markowitz

David Markowitz

Associate Professor

  • Communication
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Dr. Markowitz is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University, whose research uses language to understand social and psychological processes. For example, his work has examined the lies people tell on dating apps, how language patterns in pet adoption profiles predict a pet getting adopted, and how verbal complexity associates with social engagements and money, plus online petition support. Some of his recent work has also evaluated how bias is revealed in physician medical notes and office discipline referrals.

Dr. Markowitz was selected as a "Rising Star" of the Association for Psychological Science in 2022.

His work has appeared in top outlets such as Science AdvancesProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesPNAS Nexus, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Communication, Communication Research, and Human Communication Research. For an updated CV, please click here.


Research and Teaching

language, text analysis, deception, persuasion, computer-mediated communication, media psychology

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