Arun Sinha

Arun Sinha

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Arun Sinha is a Board Advisor, Global Chief Marketing Officer and a leading business builder in Technology and Financial Services. He manages and invests in a portfolio of platform companies in Digital Marketing and Wealth Management including start-ups and late stage founder-led companies. He advises, coaches, mentors CEOs and the senior leadership team to build and grow the companies for strategic exit.  
Arun has led marketing, communications and growth at some of the world’s most successful companies. As a former Global Chief Marketing Officer of MSCI, J.P. Morgan, Zurich Financial Services and Pitney Bowes, he has transformed multiple Fortune 100 companies.  
Arun specializes in transforming businesses to become customer-centric and growth oriented. His expertise is in growing brands from obscurity to top-100 Global brands by driving cultural change within businesses. He has launched 28 new brands and consolidated hundreds of brands to generate growth through effective portfolio management. He has been widely recognized for building brand, image, and reputation with customers, employees, media, the financial markets and regulators. 
Arun has been a Board Member of many digital and consumer marketing companies including Bounteous, Ansira, Olson, Guthy|Renker and Direct Marketing Association (DMA).  
As a Lecturer and Senior Fellow at Yale School of Management, Arun co-created one of a kind MBA class in Marketing, Strategic Marketing Leadership: The Role of a CMO. He is a frequent media commentator and author of several highly acclaimed business strategy books including “Sweet Spot: How to Maximize Marketing for Business Growth”. He has been awarded “Chief Marketing Officer of the Year”, “Marketer of the Year” and multiple other awards. 

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