Spartans Encouraged to Submit Video Messages to MSU Seniors

Send a Personalized Message in Support of Graduating Seniors 

Spartans are encouraged to submit virtual messages to current Michigan State University students and seniors in the Class of 2020, who are graduating during an extraordinary time. 

College life has been disrupted across the country, after executive orders were issued asking people to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With commencement ceremonies postponed for the spring, many college seniors will not be able to walk across the stage to turn their tassel on the original dates reserved for MSU.

Despite many challenges, graduating seniors and other students are still working diligently to accomplish their goals, completing their courses in virtual classes. They are finishing their coursework without the in-person support of friends and extended family. 

Our college needs your help to honor the Class of 2020! MSU alumni, faculty and other members of the college community are invited to send a personal message to these students in videos that you can create at home. 

Please read on to learn how to submit.

Submit a Video

Use a smartphone or other device to record a short video, where you can share a message of your own choosing. The video can be as short as 10-30 seconds. Introduce yourself and tell us your connection to MSU, then speak to students in your own words. Be creative!

When you are done recording, you can upload the video to the appropriate Dropbox link, just like you would upload a photo to the internet.

Are you one of our proud Spartan alumni? Consider sending words of encouragement, support or pride with a personal message to students. Or send a story that captures your experience at MSU. 

What do you find uplifting about being part of this community? How would you share hope for a better tomorrow?

Are you one of our MSU faculty or staff? Consider sending notes of encouragement, words of advice, or testaments of strength in a personal message to students. Or send a message that can be shared publicly with the words you wish you could say to students in-person. 

What have you witnessed when it comes to working with the Class of 2020? How would you share hope for a better tomorrow?