Q&A with past presidents of the ComArtSci alumni board: Clark Bunting 

Clark Bunting

CEO Soil Carbon Partners, Executive Chair Bird Dog Media Ventures 

Bunting is a 1977 advertising B.A. graduate and 1984 communication M.A. graduate; and a 1997 Outstanding Alumni Award recipient. He served as president of the ComArtSci alumni board from 2014 to 2015. 

What was it like serving as president of the ComArtSci alumni board? 

We were in a period of transition - Dean Whitten had recently left MSU. The alumni board was enormously helpful in onboarding Dean David and offered him seasoned advice and insight. The quality of the board members and their collective thinking was so impressive and that has continued to this day. And Dean David was keen to listen. He utilized the board to CAS’ advantage   

How has your MSU degree or experience benefitted your career? 

My career was focused on the intersection of story telling and business.  Discovery had gone from this little start up to a large multinational.  Cameras and editing changed dramatically and, of course, the internet had grown exponentially.  Understanding the process of change and how to embrace ambiguity were key components of our success.  At its core, however, we are all about telling great stories. 

What role can alumni play in the future of ComArtSci? 

It’s gratifying to come back to campus and engage with students.  The person who had the biggest impact on my career path was Larry Pontius.  Larry was a very well-regarded advertising executive who came back to teach.  The  parallel today would be CAS’s Professors of Practice.  Getting his insights on the future of advertising, how the creative process works and the importance of a healthy work culture were lessons I never forgot.  I liken coming back to campus to putting deposits in the good karma bank. I learn considerably more from the students than they learn from me!