Professor Amanda Holmstrom Ranked in the Top 1% of Individuals Publishing in Communication Journals

Amanda Holmstrom ranked in the Top 1% of individuals publishing in communication journals over a recent 5-year period according to a newly released study published in the journal Communication Education. Holmstrom, an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, studies self-esteem and how individuals in the workplace can best help one another through supportive communication.  

The study, led by Darrin Griffin at the University of Alabama, reviewed the frequency of authoring articles from 2012-2016 in 24 communication journals. Holmstrom was one of 32 “prolific scholars” to have authored or co-authored 9 or more articles in those journals during that time. Holmstrom was joined on the list by Tim Levine, Michael Roloff, Ken Lachlan, and Chris Carpenter, all of whom earned their doctorates in the Department of Communication.