J-School grad Lauren Gewirtz designs New York Times sports pages -- from Holt!

Lauren Gewirtz, a May J-School graduate, designs sports pages for The New York Times from her home in Holt, Mich.

That sports section you pick up when you buy the print edition of The New York Times has a distinct Spartan influence.

Lauren Gewirtz, who graduated from the J-School last month, has not let the Coronavirus pandemic stop her from following her dreams. Gewirtz is a part-time designer at The New York Times, where she is either the lead or second sports designer 4-5 days per week. Her job changed dramatically when the virus changed everything this spring.

Gewirtz’s workspace first moved out of the newsroom and into her New York City apartment when the Times switched to remote production. Then, as the virus became more severe in New York City, Gewirtz moved back to her hometown of Holt. Fortunately, her status as a Times sports designer didn't change a bit.

She has been designing sports pages from the dining room table in her home in Holt (where she is pictured below.) She anxiously looking forward to returning to New York City later this month, even though Gewirtz said the Times will still be produced remotely until at least September.

“I am just looking forward to being back in the city,” Gewirtz said. “I have an apartment and live there in the city now.”