IT Minor Students Help Local Companies on New Tech Projects

An estimated 20 teams of Michigan State University undergraduate seniors are ready and waiting to help mid-Michigan businesses and nonprofits solve their digital problems. As part of their final course in their Information Technology Minor, students are required to work in cross-functional teams on a real-world IT (information technology) project.

Professors Constantinos Coursaris and Wietske van Osch, who are teaching the course through MSU’s Departments of Media and Information and Accounting of Information Systems, say the students are capable of taking on a wide range of technology-related projects because each team will comprise of students majoring in business, media and information, computer science and engineering, and others. Over the previous classes, several types of successful projects have been completed over five main categories.

The first type of projects included websites and web content managing systems. For this type of project, student teams designed and implemented content management systems for Lansing Old Town Business and Arts Development Association and TechTown, Detroit’s research and technology development park along the Woodward corridor. While those students helped on the front end, other teams helped on the back end office operations. For example, one team designed and implemented a new membership database for the Michigan Kiwanis Club using Microsoft Access, and another team used Microsoft InfoPath to design and implement a workflow system for a petroleum distribution company.

The third type of projects students worked on was wireless web access. One student team worked to create a prototype for the Oakland County Mobile Services system to format website information for smaller screens on mobile phones and PDAs.

On the more creative side, student teams worked on video production. Teams produced promotional videos and DVDs for clients ranging from St. Johns Public Schools to Walnut Hills Country Club. Lastly, student created a comprehensive social media strategy, initial presence and maintenance plan for Harper’s Restaurant and Brewpub.

After all these brilliant project successes, Professors Coursaris and Van Osch are now accepting proposals from area organizations (business, government, or nonprofit) to have student teams of five take “hands-on” projects for the Spring 2019 academic semester, starting in January and ending at the end of April.

Email Dr. Coursaris by January 3, 2019 to submit your project at