ICA a success in Japan

Professors William Donohue and Franklin Boster were elected as Fellows of the International Communication Association at ICA’s annual conference in Fukuoka, Japan, June 9-14, 2016. Designation as a Fellow is the highest honor bestowed on scholars by ICA. Donohue specializes in research, teaching and outreach about conflict resolution, negotiation and communication theory. Boster’s scholarship concerns persuasion, social influence and research methods.

The election of Donohue and Boster brings the number of Michigan State Department of Communication former faculty and graduate students and current faculty who have received the Fellow designation from ICA or Distinguished Scholar designation from the National Communication Association to 25, the highest number associated with any communication department worldwide:

  • Charles K. Atkin
  • Charles Berger
  • Franklin Boster
  • Judee Burgoon
  • Michael Burgoon
  • Joseph Cappella
  • Akiba Cohen
  • Robert Craig
  • Brenda Dervin
  • James Dillard
  • William Donohue
  • Edward L. Fink
  • Bradley Greenberg
  • Randall Harrison
  • James McCroskey
  • Gerald R. Miller
  • Peter Monge
  • Scott Poole
  • Byron Reeves
  • Everett M. Rogers
  • Michael Roloff
  • David Seibold
  • Sandi W. Smith
  • Joseph Walther
  • Steven R. Wilson

The Department of Communication has launched the Future Fellows Fund, an endowment fundraising drive to ensure continuation of the highest quality doctoral training so that current students can become future Fellows. The website to donate to the Fund is www.comm.msu.edu.

Incoming Professor David Ewoldson who will join the Department of Media and Information was also elected this year as an ICA Fellow.