Highlighting Cybersecurity Awareness Month at ComArtSci 

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month at ComArtSci

As the fall semester continues into October, once again ComArtSci is bringing Cybersecurity Awareness Month to the forefront of the college. Daily responsibilities and activities in and outside of MSU primarily revolve around technology — whether that’s through communication, entertainment, work or schoolwork. Therefore, it is important that networks, devices and data are protected from unauthorized access by other internet users.

Researchers of the college are dedicated to studying how people interact with their technology and the ways in which they can do so safely and effectively. Their goal is to bring more awareness to students and faculty about the importance of cybersecurity in order to ensure confidentiality, integrity and accessibility when it comes to using various forms of technology.

Within ComArtSci, there are centers and labs committed to researching the multifaceted aspects of cybersecurity. They include:

Additionally, MSU IT has launched its Cybersecurity Awareness Month campaign to promote cybersecurity practices in order to help students and faculty keep their information safe and secure. Visit their website to learn more about what tips work best to protect personal information.

Faculty members who specialize in teaching and researching cybersecurity produce a number of works each year on the subject as well. Check out what they have been up to in the world of technology and cybersecurity below:

Young Anna Argyris — Assistant Professor, Media and Information

Links to research:

Johannes M. Bauer — Quello Chair in Media and Information Policy

Links to research:


Emilee Rader — Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Media and Information

Links to research:


Ruth Shillair — Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Media and Information

Links to research:


Rick Wash — Associate Professor, Media and Information

Links to research: