Cybersecurity Awareness Month at ComArtSci

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Researchers at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University are working on different ways to advance awareness and protection as it relates to people’s activity online.  

As technologies are increasingly embedded in many aspects of our daily lives, it’s important to protect “the technologies we use from people who want to abuse, misuse or disrupt them,” said Rick Wash, associate professor in the Department of Media and Information. “Research on cybersecurity awareness helps us to come up with new and effective means to make technology safer and more reliable.” 

Following are some of the centers that focus on aspects of cybersecurity. 

Following are some of the ComArtSci faculty who do research on cybersecurity.  Click through to their profiles to learn more about their research, awards and grants.

Johannes Bauer: Quello Chair in Media and Information Policy 

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Ruth Shillair: Assistant Professor, Director of Media and Information Master's Program 

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Rick Wash: Associate Professor, Media and Information  

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Emilee Rader: Associate Professor, Media and Information 

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