Are you a Spartan writer?

Think back — whether it’s a few years, a decade or half a lifetime ago: What was your motivation then to pursue a degree from MSU in communication arts and sciences? Whether your major was journalism, advertising, communications, broadcasting, digital media…or any of the other renowned programs our college offers, it’s a safe bet that a passion for writing was at the core of your motivation. As a ComArtSci alum, it’s also a safe bet that you’ve used the incredible skills and tools from our beloved alma mater in unique and critical ways throughout your career. The education we received propelled us to reach the top in many fields including business and industry, philanthropy, research, healthcare, government, and myriad others.

Our paths are varied and our experiences vast; and for many, the passion for writing remains. Whether your original reason for writing became your profession or a pursuit that took a sidetrack, we want to connect with you as we establish the MSU ComArtSci Writers Guild: Go Green, Go Write!

Perhaps it’s the novel you drafted the outline for years ago; or the freelance feature writing you want to pursue versus technical writing. It’s never too late to rediscover the passion for writing — and who better to help each other than fellow Spartans?

Two of our ComArtSci alumni - Barbara (Gellott) Petee (Journalism ’84) and Matt Davis (Journalism ’86) - have graciously offered to help us get started and want to hear from you!

With more than six decades of business communications and leadership experience between them, both Barbara and Matt have also pursued their passion for fiction writing and leadership development. Now, we’re hoping to convene a group of interested participants this fall to discuss the many ways in which we can learn from and help fuel one another’s passion by discussing writing styles and ways in which others have pursued their personal writing path.

If interested in helping to organize or participate in Go Green, Go Write! please email and Barbara and Matt will connect with you for the first organizational discussion.

Go Green!

Barbara Petee and Matt Davis