Alumna Combines Passion for Health and Broadcasting

As a solo-entrepreneur with no typical workday, College of Communications Arts and Sciences alumna Lillian Preston is busy producing videos and TV programs that address health disparities and the inequalities and inequities that exist for African Americans.

“I wear many hats and juggle many balls,” said Preston, B.A. Telecommunication ‘84. “I drop a few every now and then, but I know that I have to pick them up and get back to juggling.”

Preston is the founder, president and visionary behind OurHealth Media Network. She started the company in 2004 based upon the need for health information that adequately addresses the broad health disparities that exist in society.

“My purpose with all the programs I create is to provide culturally relevant programming that changes lives and makes a significant difference in the health statistics for African Americans, and ultimately all Americans,” Preston said.

OurHealth Media Network produces health videos and original television programming. The organization specializes in producing culturally relevant videos that meet the needs of clients by tailoring information and messages that foster health equity and equality.

With the success and accomplishments of OurHealth Media Network, the company produced “Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe,” which recently launched in mid-Michigan on WKAR-TV.

“I wanted to produce a program that would help to eradicate the health disparities between African Americans and the general population. One that’s engaging and relates to us culturally,” Preston said.

“Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe” looks at the health and care of patients from the perspective of primary care medicine to educate and inform viewers. Season one includes eight weekly episodes that discuss everything from obesity to diabetes, breast cancer to hypertension to heart disease.

The show airs on WKAR-TV each Sunday at 2 p.m.

Prior to starting OurHealth Media Network, Preston held management positions in marketing and communications having served as the Director of Communications for the Detroit Empowerment Zone and Vice President of Marketing for Procurement Resources, an Atlanta-based supplier diversity consulting firm.

During her senior year at MSU, Preston was hired by now Chairman of MSU’s Board of Trustees Joel Ferguson to work at his former station WFSL-TV47. The station was later sold and is now WSYM.

“Between my telecommunication classes and my work at the station, I developed a love for broadcasting,” Preston said. “I also had a strong interest in health and wellness at the time and it seemed right to one day marry the two.”