Study Abroad: Beyond Bollywood: Taste of Indian Media

Want to produce your own Bollywood movies and dance number? Interested in an adventure that will take you to the Taj and other cool sites and that allow you to develop film production, reporting and communication skills? Then check out "Bollywood Bound: Taste of Indian media”. This is the only hands-on production based program and has been featured by MSU as one of its top new programs. This is one of the most economical study abroad and most meals are covered, further reducing your costs. Additional scholarship opportunities, exclusive to a handful of programs at MSU are being finalized. Hurry up as spots are filling up for this wonderful opportunity, led by our CAS Faculty Impact Award Winner for 2016.

Check out the promo: Beyond Bollywood Promo 2016

Receive credit from among eleven courses from MI, JRN and CAS. Please email the instructor to learn more about the program and the new additional scholarship opportunities!

To learn more about the student experiences from the 2014 and 2015 programs, check out the following videos:

Behind the Scenes (2016)

Lungi Dance (2016)

Bollywood style dance video
This was choreographed and produced while on the study trip to India in Summer 2015

Beneath the Banyan Tree
This is the most recent production from the study abroad trip to India in Summer 2015

Behind the Scenes (2015)
A short documentary cataloging the study abroad trip in India in Summer 2015. We are repackaging this to air on the PBS station.

Chaiyya Chaiyya Dance (2015)

Chand ke Mohalla Dance (2014)

A Connection (2014)
This was a short film produced as a part of the pilot study abroad trip to India in Summer 2014

Behind the Scenes (2014)
A short documentary cataloging the study abroad trip in India.

Email Amol Pavangadkar with questions

Program Fee Information:
No prerequisites
8 credits
Tentative Program Fee: $3,700
Tentative Additional Costs: $3,400