Free Meditation: Tap Into Your Creativity

Watch the meditation

Renew your creative confidence and ability with this free thirteen-minute guided meditation by Professor Karl Gude. He believes it can help tap into your creativity in a positive, affirming way. 

Being creative means breaking away from conventional ways of thinking and doing, whether you’re expressing yourself artistically or generating new ideas to solve complex problems. However, many of us can shy away from doing things differently from everyone else and standing out because we have lost our creative confidence. During the time we grew from being fearless toddlers to risk-averse adults, we became shackled into conformity in how we think and what we do because we fear the judgment of others, fear being wrong and fear failure. This inhibits our ability to express ourselves honestly and openly.

Gude teaches a Media Sandbox class called Creative Processes, and besides offering practical techniques for thinking more strategically, effectively and creatively, a portion of his class is used to build students’ creative confidence by making them more aware of the social forces that can cause them to lose it from when they were toddlers, confidently exploring their world. All too often we deflect any impulse to go deep into our heads and explore why we do what we do and think what we think.