Julia Loring Interns at MediaCom in New York City

Advertising senior Julia Loring had her eyes locked on success--and she wasn’t going to let any opportunity pass her by. As she began her hunt for fulfilling internship opportunities, she knew she had to set her standards high. She gave her all into the search and landed a media planning internship at MediaCom in New York City. 

“To reach your fullest potential, you have to give every opportunity your all, every ounce you have, and good things will follow,” said Loring.

Loring worked diligently to accomplish the needs of the Shell Lubricants account while still maintaining her status as a team player. She was treated as a full time member of the staff. MediaCom allowed her to both grow and showcase her skills. Given new experiences each day, Loring was able to explore different areas of development within her digital resources and skills for her future. 

Loring also applied her skills to a project alongside four other individuals, in which they created a new media plan to acquire an account with Toyota. This project allowed the team to create a business pitch to present to the leadership team within MediaCom. Competing with several other intern groups within the company, Loring’s group took first prize. Their summer had ended on a high note.

After such an impactful experience, Loring mentioned that the highlights of the internship included her ability to experience the company culture and interact with the company’s leadership more than she ever thought possible. 

This summer, Loring found a true passion for creative advertising and hopes to find herself pursuing more of these opportunities upon graduation.

By Megan Nehrkorn