Fitting a master's program into a busy schedule

Greg Teachout was looking for a master’s program that would not only meet his interests, but work with his busy schedule, too.

As an MSU theater alumnus, Teachout had a variety of jobs since graduating that took him from Michigan to Florida and back again to Michigan. He was a high school teacher, worked in sales and even did voice commercials.

So, when his fiancée mentioned the Strategic Communication master’s program at MSU, Teachout researched not only the program, but the professors who taught the classes. He saw the program to be a good fit.

“To me, this program is a nexus of a few different things I’m trying to accomplish,” he said. “I wanted to get something that would be applied; I wanted to get something that would expose me to some of my favorite ideas on a deep, academic research level; but I also wanted to know how to get my own ideas out there better; how to market my own ideas; and how to be an entrepreneur, because I’m deeply interested in starting a business.”

However, after being away from school for a while, Teachout wondered what the re-entry into academia would be like.

“I did have a lot of apprehensions coming back to academia, having graduated in 2002,” he said. “There was a long period of time where I just wasn’t used to the rigor of school, and I was wondering how’d I perform in that, especially never having been to grad school.”

After preparing and planning, he said he was able to “hit the ground running” and has had a successful start to the program.

He is in his second year of the program and expects to graduate this December.

Teachout points to his fellow classmates and professors as being great resources during his time in StratCom – from on-boarding into the program, to being flexible with homework assignments to providing leads for job opportunities.

All of this has created a worthwhile experience for Teachout.

"You don’t always get all the credibility and cachet and resources that come with a Big Ten university married to an online program."

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