Session II: Crisis Communication in the Digital Information Era

Crisis Communication in the Digital Information Era
Wed, Aug 17, 2022   8:00 AM ‐ Fri, Aug 18, 2023   4:00 PM


In the modern information environment, every communication challenge has the potential to become a full-blown communication crisis. The rapid spread of information, coupled with false or misleading narratives can have a tremendous impact on the people involved and an organization's performance and reputation.

The CLAS “Crisis Communication in the Modern Information Era” Summer Session is designed to strengthen the crisis communication management skills of today’s organizational leaders and communication practitioners.

The two-day course will orient participants to innovative, evidence-based strategies for anticipating and managing a wide range of communication challenges. Topics covered during the session include the latest research on the psychology of a crisis, new strategies for crisis de-escalation, countering misinformation, and recovering from reputation damage. Throughout the session, the CLAS experts will lead informative discussions that will help attendees develop the practical, innovative, and actionable skills necessary to break through to target audiences.

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