RP&T Expectations and Strategies - Ask the Panel of Experts

Newsroom, ComArtSci 148.

Donuts available for consumption outside the Newsroom, 9:45-10 a.m.

Experts: Terry Curry, Prabu David, Kami Silk, Shelia Cotten, Dawn Pysarchik and Eric Hunter
Moderator: Lucinda Davenport

Lunch Tickets! Courtney Venker pitched a twist to the mentor-mentee lunch ticket program: ComArtSci will provide each new or new-ish faculty member (any rank) with four lunch tickets. The fac member may use two tickets to take anyone out to lunch; this anyone can be a ComArtSci mentor, a potential mentor or someone at the university who aligns with research/creative interests. If you'd like lunch tickets at the RP&T panel event, please email alumitge@msu.edu by Thursday, 8 a.m.