Oyer Lecture Series: Dr. Ingo Titze


You are invited to come with us to the 28th Annual Herbert & E. Jane Oyer Lecture Series, featuring Dr. Ingo Titze! The Oyer Lecture will take place Friday, February 23rd from 1:30-3:30 in the Communication Arts & Sciences Building room 148. Dr. Titze is an internationally known vocal scientist who will be visiting MSU to talk about vocology and it's applications in today's world. Here is a little about what his talk, Vocology in the 21st Century, will address: 

Vocology in the 21st Century

Vocology is the study of vocalization in all species. More narrowly defined, it is the science and practice of voice habilitation. In some ways, it parallels audiology. Vocalization has changed dramatically with electronic amplification and the desire for people to speak well in advanced years and sing in multiple styles. An understanding of the physics and physiology of the instrument has brought about more rapid development of vocal techniques. Calling, screaming, belting, yodeling, and many other forms of vocalization are now described well enough scientifically that they do not have to be classified categorically as injurious or non-injurious. Phonosurgery will likely benefit from computer simulation and multiple alternative solutions for vocalizations provided across species in nature. The most promising therapy techniques are based on semi-occluded vocal tract exercises that provide optimal vocal fold posturing and optimal use of acoustic coupling between the larynx and the airways. 

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Dr. Titze is one of the world’s leading vocal scientists and is considered the founding father of Vocology, a term he defines as “the study and practice of voice habilitation.”  He is a University of Iowa Foundation Distinguished Professor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology and the School of Music. He is also the Director of Research at The National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS) at The University of Utah.  Dr. Titze has degrees in electrical engineering (B.S.E.E., M.S.) and physics (Ph.D.).  His research in clinical voice and vocal music have led to multiple contributions to a widespread array of fields related to the vocal process.  He has published multiple books and journal articles and provided lectures worldwide. As Director and Professor of the Summer Vocology Institute at NCVS, Dr. Titze leads an intensive program for individuals interested in learning about Vocology, including speech-language pathologists, musicians and professional voice users.


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