Siyuan Ma

Siyuan Ma

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)

  • Communication
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Siyuan earned his Bachelor of Science in Educational Technology from Beijing Normal University.  He also earned his Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication from Beijing Normal University.

Research and Teaching

Siyuan’s research interests focus on the intersection between political communication and computational methods.  Currently, he is working on measuring the dynamic of polarization among political elites.  He also has interests in applying computational methods to multiple contexts, including polarization, misinformation, health communication, and computer-mediated communications. 

Recent Publications

Ma, S., & Zhang, H. (2021). Opinion expression dynamics in social media chat groups: An integrated quasi-experimental and agent-based model approach. Complexity, 2021.

Danowski, J., van Klyton, A., Peng, T. Q., Ma, S., Nkakleu, R., & Biboum, A. (2021) ICT development, interorganizational networks, and corruption in Africa. Quality and Quantity

Contact Information

404 Wilson Road, Room 458