Sara Grady

Sara Grady

Ph.D. Student

  • Communication


Her work is informed by her academic background in both engineering (University of Michigan) and fan & media studies (University of Edinburgh). Grady previously taught science communication and storytelling at Northwestern University and ran an international cultural consultancy firm, collaborating with organizations such as the BBC, UNESCO City of Literature Trust, ESRC Genomics Forum, and the Australian Council for the Arts.

Research and Teaching

Sara Grady’s research explores narrative experience on psychological and biological levels. What makes movies feel real? Why do we care about fictional characters and events enough to revisit them time and again, or talk about them with friends? In other words, what motivates narrative entertainment processing, how is it so intrinsically rewarding, and how does a story experience unfold over time? She uses quantitative approaches, dynamic models, and continuous response measures to understand behavioral, cognitive and physiological processes.

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Contact Information

404 Wilson Road, Room 554

Academic Twitter @smgrady