Meisam Arjmandi

Meisam  Arjmandi

Ph.D. Student

  • Communicative Sciences & Disorders


Meisam Arjmandi began his Ph.D. in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University in the fall of 2015. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, focusing on objective assessment of voice disorders. Meisam is currently doing research in MSU Speech Perception and Production Lab, working in three main areas: (1) Neurocognitive and behavioral mechanisms underlying perception of non-standard speech, (2) The role of prosodic cues on spoken word recognition in continuous natural speech, and (3) Infant-directed speech and language development in infants with hearing loss.

Meisam's long-term goal is to unravel the mechanism underlying the effective and robust sensation, perception, and recognition of audio-visual speech cues during oral communication. To this end, he aims to utilize various behavioral, signal processing, and neuroimaging techniques to elaborate our understanding of this multifaceted system of speech and language production/comprehension. The findings will pave way for devising more effective methods/tools for assessment, prevention, and treatment of disorders of speech and language. 

Meisam was recently awarded two Charles J. Strosacker Research Funds to identify acoustic phonetic properties of speech of African Americans and individuals with neurological disease (e.g. Parkinson's disease and traumatic brain injury (TBI)). 

Research and Teaching

  • Neurocognitive & Acoustic Basis of Speech Perception and Production
  • Objective & Subjective Assessment of Voice Disorders
  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Speech & Language Disorders
  • Biomedical Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • The Role of Prosody in Perception of Normal & Dispordered Speech
  • Infant-directed Speech & Language Development in Infants
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