Kevin Kryston

Kevin Kryston

Ph.D. Student

  • Communication


Kevin Kryston is a doctoral student in the Department of Communication at Michigan State University.  He received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts from University of Dayton.

Research and Teaching

Kevin's research focuses on mass media and entertainment psychology.  Specifically, his work applies social cognitive and persuasion theories to the study of entertainment to see how social factors and group membership affect selection and appraisals of entertainment.  He also researches classic entertainment and mass communication theories from a media psychology perspective and has worked on research using real-time and survey measures to understand how content and context affect selection behaviors and enjoyment.


Tamborini, R., Grall, C., Prabhu, S., Hofer, M., Novotny, E., Hahn, L., Klebig, B., Kryston, K., Baldwin, J., Aley, M., & Sethi, N. (2018). Using attribution theory to explain the affective dispositions of tireless moral monitors toward narrative charactersJournal of Communication, doi:10.1093/joc/jqy049

Kryston, K., Novotny, E., Schmäelzle, R., & Tamborini, R. (2018). Social demand in video games and the synchronization theory of flow. In N. D. Bowman (Ed.), Video games: A medium that demands our attention. New York: Routledge.

Tamborini, R., Grizzard, M., Hahn, L., Kryston, K., & Ulusoy, E. (in press). The role of narrative cues in shaping ADT: What makes audiences think that good things happened to good people. In P. Vorderer and C. Klimmt (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Entertainment Theory. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press

Contact Information

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