Jennifer Trenkamp

Jennifer Trenkamp

Outreach Coordinator, Strategic Communication M.A.


As a multimedia communicator, Jennifer has years of experience telling a good story in an effective, compelling way - whether it's a tweet, video, article or anything in between - that makes people care for, click through to and connect with a brand. 

Prior to joining the Strategic Communication M.A. program, Jennifer worked at MSU's central public relations office, Communications and Brand Strategy, from 2011 to 2018. In her role as a communications manager, she led major brand campaigns such as "The Great State Road Trip," helped with strategic brand marketing for the university and wrote for, edited and curated the university's main news site,


  • Coordinates and assists in overseeing the operational activities of the Strategic Communication online MA Program for the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.  
  • Stewards the general business operations of the Strategic Communication MA Program and/or its students, faculty, Director, and external contacts.  
  • Works with the MA Program Director to formulate, interpret and/or implement operating practices for the program.
  • Collects, assembles, monitors, analyzes, and synthesizes analytic data, generating reports for the Director on critical information including data findings, metrics, Key Performance Indicators, market trends, and other business data points.
  • Maximize and manage content across multiple online and social media channels with measurable results.


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