Emilee Rader Ph.D.

Emilee Rader

Associate Professor

  • Media & Information
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My research program is focused on understanding and finding solutions to problems that arise in sociotechnical systems as they become an increasingly invisible and indispensable part of everyday life. A socio-technical system involves people, technology, and information; these parts all interact and influence each other, and without all three parts the system would not function as it should. These systems have great potential to help people and improve their lives; however, they also have the potential for harm. In particular, I focus on sociotechnical systems that are “black boxes” from the perspective of people using the system—the inputs and outputs can be observed, but the inner workings can’t be and are therefore hard for people to understand. You can learn more about me, my research, and the courses I teach on my website at msu.edu/~emilee

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Michigan State University