Andrea Schaaf

Andrea Schaaf

Ph.D. Student

  • Communication


Before joining the Ph.D. program in the Michigan State University Department of Communication in 2019, Andrea received her Master of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Cincinnati and her dual Bachelor of Arts in Communication & English from Wright State University.

Research and Teaching

Andrea's research focuses on emerging technologies, nonverbal communication processes, and their interplay with various health contexts and interpersonal relationships. She maintains an interest in the future integration and practicality of virtual reality based interventions, with her most recent work having focused on the intersection of VR and mental health concerns.

Related Work


Chang, P.F., Zhang, F., & Schaaf, A.J. (2019). Deaf in one ear: Communication and social challenges of patients with single sided deafness post-diagnosis. Patient Education and Counseling.

Lynch, J., Schaaf, A.J., & Ward, H. (in press). Touring the Stem Cell Frontier: Rhetorical Formations in Stem Cell Clinic Rhetoric. Western Journal of Communication.

Contact Information

404 Wilson Road, Room 465