Media and Information Master's Degree Admissions Criteria

  1. A Graduate School application. Submit your online application.
  2. Official and original transcripts, and degree certification documents from all Universities/Colleges attended.
    • Applicants must have completed the minimum of a 4-year bachelor’s program.
    • All official transcripts or mark sheets, diplomas and/or certificates mailed in an official, sealed envelope directly to Michigan State University (MSU) from each institution attended.
    • Original documents issued directly to students (in an open, unsealed envelope and/or documents only issued once to students) are not acceptable. Photocopies are also not acceptable.
    • For applicants submitting materials from China, please see detailed information in item 4 below.
  3. Official GRE test scores on the General Test.
    • The department takes a holistic approach in reviewing applications, so while there is no required minimum score for the GRE, scores in the upper 50th percentile are reviewed more favorably.
  4. TOEFL or IELTS test scores for international students.
    • TOEFL: The department requires a minimum of 91 IBT with no sub-scores below 22, or a 237 CBT with no sub-scores below 22 or a 580 PBT with no sub-scores below 55. Reported scores must be no older than 2 years.
    • IELTS: The department requires a minimum of 6.5.
  5. Three (3) letters of recommendation.
    • Students will indicate in the online application the three names and email addresses of those making a recommendation on their behalf. The application system will then notify each individual separately and request from them to upload/submit their recommendation online. No physical letters of recommendation will be accepted.
  6. A personal statement.
    • The personal statement is your opportunity to tell the M.A. Committee about yourself, your background (e.g., cultural, ethnic, etc.), your passion, professional interests and aspirations. In addition, this is the opportunity to communicate to the M.A. Committee any factors that may have contributed to any prior academic underperformance that you would like the Committee to take into consideration during the review of your application.
  7. An academic statement.
    • Your academic statement should indicate which Concentration – either Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) or Media and Information Management (MIM) – you are interested in, as well as any additional academic options of interest from the following:
      • HCI students could also earn the Graduate Certificate in Serious Games Design and Research concurrently with the M.A. in Media and Information program studies.
      • MIM students could also choose any of the following three options: Management of IT Specialization, ICT for Development and Information, Policy, Society (IPS) Cognate. Also, you should indicate why you believe this M.A. program is a good fit to the professional goals and career paths of interest you listed in your personal statement, and indicate whether you are interested in joining the program because of the work done by any of the faculty.
  8. Statement of Financial Proof *International students only*

Like other MSU graduate admissions processes, admission to this program is determined by an evaluation of the complete application package. Students whose grade-point averages were below 3.25 in the last two years of their undergraduate work must present evidence of special merit through professional experience or extracurricular activities. Students without adequate background in media and information, through courses or professional experience, will be required to enroll in appropriate undergraduate coursework.

An applicant’s file cannot be evaluated until all materials have been received. The deadline for receipt of the online application and all materials is April 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.

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