Helping Faculty & Staff Recognize and Respond to Student Mental Health Needs

Presenter: Dr. Scott Becker, Director of Counseling and Psychiatric Services 
Location: College of Communication Arts and Sciences Building, Newsroom, Room 148

MSU Counseling & Psychiatric Services, CAPS, is the new place on campus for students seeking help for a wide range of concerns, including: depression, anxiety, stress management, homesickness, adjustment or acculturation, relationships, gender and sexual orientation (LBGTQ) issues, substance abuse, traumatic experiences, eating or body image concerns, and other personal mental health concerns.  CAPS combines the services of the former MSU Counseling Center and former Olin Psychiatry Clinic under one roof to provide improved access for students. Additional services will be available in the Neighborhood Engagement Centers."

Dr. Scott Becker, Director of CAPS, will present an overview of CAPS' services and provide insight into recognizing mental health issues. A Q & A session will follow.