A Decade of Play Within the Academy - Roger Altizer


In 2010 EAE was a handful of classes and a couple of dozen students. It has grown to 10 dedicated games faculty, 130 masters students, hundreds of undergraduate students and two degrees. Focusing on what it means to be an second generation game development program this candid talk will go over the structural, curricular, and political hurdles encountered, as well as the value of maintaining a spirit of play in all things, while building a large games unit.

Roger Altizer.pngBIO: Roger Altizer, Jr. is the co-founder of the Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE), the Director of Digital Medicine for the Center for Medical Innovation, the Director of The GApp lab (Therapeutic Games and Apps) at the University of Utah. Creator of The Design Box, a participatory, inductive design methodology, Roger strives to include users as designers and promote the power of playful as opposed to workful approaches to healthcare, learning, and social change.

Co-sponsored by Department of Media and Information, Inclusive Game Dev @ MSU, MSU/Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research (CFIR)