Communication on Tap: The New Neuroscience of Communication

Where: Dublin Square East Lansing
When: Sunday, April 8 from 7 - 9 p.m.
Cost: FREE!

Communication on Tap is a free "3 in 30" event done as part of the MSU Science Festival Cafe and Pub Series.

Hosted by Kjerstin Thorson, Advertising and Public Relations, three MSU neuroscientists from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences will share their ongoing work into how neuroscience can help us improve the effectiveness of our communication efforts. 

Topics addressed will include how neuroimaging can help us understand what happens when media captivate our attention, what neuroscience tells us about the effects of social media, and what is going on in peoples' brains when we hear others speak.

The talks will be informal and geared toward anyone with an interest in learning how communication works and how we can do it better.

The three presenters will be ...

Communication on Tap is a new, monthly series of informal talks around communication science sponsored and organized by MSU's Health and Risk Communication Center, the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, and the Ellis N. Brandt Chair in Public Relations Endowment. This is the second event of the series.