Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information Course Details

Below you will find details about a few courses you could take to fulfill the requirements for this major.

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MI 201: Media and Information Technologies and Industries

3 credits

Overview and critique of concepts of information, the history of computing and information, uses and effects of information technology, information management, and human-centered approaches to designing information systems.

MI 239: Digital Footprints: Privacy and Online Behavior

3 credits

Exploration of digitization and capture of personal information. Issues of privacy, anonymity, and ownership. Technologies involved in capturing personal information.

MI 360: Media and Information Management

3 credits

Basic principles of managing and financing media and information companies, media projects, and information applications.

MI 247: Three-Dimensional Graphics and Design

3 credits

Principles of 3D computer graphics applied in cinema, games, illustration, design and sculpture. Use of 3D software to create and manipulate synthetic objects, materials, lights, and cameras.

MI 231: Game and Interactive Media Development

3 credits

Brainstorming, planning, implementing, and troubleshooting applications and interfaces for games and interactive media. Basic principles of programming for interactivity.