Art Exhibits to be Displayed in ComArtSci

In collaboration with the Club de Creativos* of Spain, and as part of the Women in Advertising component of Minds Wide Open 3, we will be hosting two exhibits by women working in the Spanish advertising industry. 

The work will be on display in the Communication Arts and Sciences building by the eastern entrance, and can be viewed from August 25 through the end of September.

Some Ceilings BrokenMWO.png

24 pieces of art that represent women who have achieved positions of maximum responsibility in fields traditionally dominated by men. Women who are a reference and who have opened the path for future generations. And who invite other women to follow their trajectory through a phrase, a piece of advice or an inspiring quote, always in favour of equality.

Female engineers, biologists, doctors, researchers, artists, judges, businesswomen and directors. Modern Spanish women who have triumphed in their professions and are proof that neither training, talent, dedication nor success is a question of gender.


Organized by More Creative Women**, 17 women who have reached respected positions in their profession wrote a letter of thanks to whoever (male or female), according to them had given them a chance to grow professionally and who had helped them overcome obstacles which women in advertising often have to tackle.

In Spain we have the contradiction that most degrees in advertising are obtained by women, but only 20% of creative departments are made up of women. For creative directors the figure goes down to 14% and only 1% of heads of creative departments are women.

* The Club de Creativos (c de c) is a non-profit organization whose main aims are to work on improving the quality of work in communication and unity in the advertising industry. Founded in 1999, c de c is also the organizer of the National Creativity Awards, the 18th edition of which will take place in San Sebastian on 18th March, 2018.

** More Creative Women is a collaborative independent platform created by a group of female creatives working in the advertising industry and which today has over 1000 professional members. #MMC presents itself as a community open to everyone (both men and women) with the conviction that important issues such as affirmative action and reconciliation are problems which affect everybody in the advertising sector and society in general.