Media, Policy & Society Focus Area

Students who complete a degree within this focus area will be trained for broad range of roles that tie media to policy across the private, non-profit and public sectors. Graduates will also be qualified to continue toward advanced graduate degrees. Students will learn broad social scientific and technical knowledge and how to conduct and critically interpret empirical research related to media and information industries; the use of media and information and how to identify and consider stakeholders; and implications for consumers, citizens, and society at large. Moreover, students will be qualified to develop corporate and public sector strategies intended to harness the benefits of media and information technologies for business and industries, government, non-governmental organizations and the public at large.


Media, policy, information science, media and information, market research, media research, media strategists, policy analyst, consultant, entrepreneurship, government and non-profit sector jobs. Graduate research in communication, media, policy, information science, and communication

Official Focus Area Courses

  • MI 302: Networks, Markets, & Society
  • MI 305: Media & Information Policy
  • MI 355: Media & Information Research
  • MI 480: Information & Communication Technology & Development