Media and Information Management Focus Area

Students in this focus area will receive training that prepares them for one (or both) of two broadly defined types of careers post graduation: (1) as individuals or members of organizations that design and develop media and information products and services, and/or (2) as individuals whose work focuses on ways information technologies and services can be used to help organizations accomplish their goals. Courses taken in this concentration will contribute to four broad, but distinct, sets of knowledge and skills that will contribute to success in these types of occupations. 

Courses in design will provide background and training in skills required to design and develop a broad range of media and information products and services and organizations that provide them. Courses on the uses of IT in organizations will focus on how the information products and services can best be employed in service of organizational goals. While design and IT in organizations might be viewed as reflecting distinct areas within the MIM concentration that prepare students for different types of post-college careers, organizations benefit from a basic understanding of design and designers need to understand organizations as users, which makes organization and design courses complements to each other. It should not be unusual for MIM concentration students to take a liberal mix of courses from both of these areas. Because products, services, and organizations can thrive only to the extent that they are effectively managed and address needs in the larger organizational, market and societal contexts in which they exist, students in the MIM concentration will be required to take management courses and context courses. Management courses will introduce them to fundamental principles of management and critical skill-sets possessed by effective managers while context classes introduce perspectives critical to a better understanding of the market, social and societal contexts for the products and services they design and the organizations in which they work. 

Students often minor in Information Technology.


Digital media consulting, social media marketing, IT consulting, IT management, digital commerce, web design and development, business information systems, creative management

(Official) Focus Area Course Pathway

  • MI 360: Media and Information Management
  • MI 361: IT Network Management & Security
  • MI 452: Media Entrepreneurship & Business Strategies
  • MI 462: Social Media & Social computing
  • MI 472: Digital Business & Commerce