Graphics and Animation Focus Area




  • UI/UX Designer: Focused on user experience, UI/UX designers are tasked with shaping the interaction the audience has with an interactive product.
  • 3D Artist (Modeler, Rigger, Animator): Several disciplines are involved in the 3d production pipeline. 3D artists range from generalists able produce finished creations on their own; to specialists in areas like animation, rigging, environment art, visual effect, etc.
  • 2D Artist (Concept Artist, Illustrator, Environmental): Much of the planning process of complex 3D images originates as 2D illustrations and sketches made to clarify the intended final product. Many games and apps make use of 2 dimensional graphics for menus, UI, and in game assets.
  • Technical Artist: Technical artists are the bridge between the programming team and the art team. Knowledgeable in both programming and the art pipeline they create tools for artists and fix technical problems with assets.
  • Web Design & Development: Web developers use a combination of design and programming tools to develop websites for a variety of clients. Careers range from user experience focused designers who create clear layouts for content to programming heavy developers who create complex websites’ backends.

Technical Skills

  • Design: UX/UI Design, HCI
  • Art/Visuals: Technical Art, 3D Modeling,  Animation,  2D Illustration, Environment Design, Web Graphics, Commercial creation, Concept Design
  • Soft Skills: Production, Teamwork, Design fundamentals, Communication, Leadership, Compromise, Self-directed learning, Adaptability