Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information

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Do you want to make games and virtual reality? Design technology that changes the world? Follow your passion and become an entrepreneur? Our innovative media information curriculum builds skills needed for success in the digital world.

Within the B.A. in Media and Information you can focus on:

  • Interactive media and games
  • Graphics and animation
  • Human-centered technology
  • Media and information management
  • Policy, society and research

Degree Details

Our degree is designed to allow students the flexibility to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills in media information technology, interactive game design, filmmaking and more. Here is a quick overview of the degree requirements. Get More Details

General Degree

A Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information involves the completion of 33 credits amongst the 120 required credits in accordance with MSU’s undergraduate education requirements. You will:

  • Start with foundation courses (15 credits)
  • Specialize in one or more focus areas (15 credits)
  • Conclude with capstone experiences (3 credits)

General Degree with Transcriptable Concentrations

The general degree is the most efficient and allows the most flexibility for media information students. If you would like to have a formal recognition of your area of expertise beyond the degree itself, you may complete one of three optional concentrations. These concentrations encompass the work required for the general degree but provide additional depth in that they combine coursework in a more rigid way and require completion of a total of 39 instead of 33 credits. Concentrations will be a good option for students who seek a pre-structured learning experience and who prefer to have an area of specialization listed on their transcript.

Film and Media Production
Game and Interactive Media Design
Information, Management and Design for Society

Why Media and Information?

A B.A. in Media and Information prepares you to design high-impact media products. In this program you will learn to:

  • Understand and harness the power of media using interdisciplinary artistic, methodological and theoretical perspectives.
  • Use the design process to create and innovate with current and emerging media technologies.
  • Use media to address pressing social issues and empower individuals and groups.
  • Become proficient with the tools, practices and techniques used in the creation of current and emerging mediated experiences.
  • Analyze, evaluate, critique and manage many forms of media products, services and applications.
  • Develop a global perspective on media and information industries.

Many of our courses rely on experiential learning. Students and professors work in lab settings and with business and government clients. Practical solutions developed by our faculty have won prizes and accolades. The Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab Behavior Information Technology (BIT) LabQuello Center and multiple state-of-the-art studios (film, TV, digital media, audio) provide additional opportunities for learning in an experimental and hands-on fashion.

Careers in Media and Information

96.7% of our graduates have found jobs within months of graduation. Recent placements include companies such as:

Electronic Arts
Rockstar Games
Quicken Loans
Liquid Web